Infant Security

Infant Security

Safe, Sound and Secure Care

Provide a safe, sound and secure environment for the infants and children in your care with the KinderGUARD® infant security system.  The threat of infant and child abduction is an ever-present concern in today’s world, but the KinderGUARD® system by Secure Care can help safeguard against these devastating events. KinderGUARD® provides assistance by acting as a personal security guard for each infant and child wearing a KinderGUARD® transmitter. Parents, nurses, loved ones, and administrators alike can rest assured knowing that KinderGUARD® brings an added layer of protection for their children. KinderGUARD® is a robust, easy-to-use, and reliable system developed to work effectively in today’s healthcare environments.

KinderGUARD® by Secure Care is the chosen security solution for hundreds of facilities worldwide. Check out some of the features that nurses, parents, and administrators love about KinderGUARD® infant security system.

Automatic Enrollment

When a new strap is applied to a transmitter, it automatically becomes active in the system offering instant protection when that transmitter is placed on an infant or child.

Total Supervision

Transmitter is active and “reports in” every 7-10 seconds.

Reusable Transmitter

Transmitters are easy to clean and reusable for up to 1 year


Strap is tamper-proof with cut band technology. Staff will be alerted if strap is broken, cut, or tampered with.

Baby and Child Friendly

The KinderGUARD® adjustable strap is soft and comfortable against a child’s delicate skin. The transmitter is small, lightweight, hypo-allergenic, non-latex, water resistant, and easy to clean.

Mother/Baby Matching

MatchMAKER® ID provides immediate and discreet mother/baby match verification. No additional transmitters required.

Easy-to-Use Software

Secure Care Software keeps your focus on patient care with its quick, easy, and simple design.

Non-PC Dependent

KinderGUARD® is not computer controlled or dependent. The system continues to provide protection in the event of a computer system failure and even during a power outage.

Support When You Need It

Get live support whenever it is needed from your local certified distributor or Secure Care’s customer support line, available 24/7 any day of the year.